Anxiety is enclosed with many uncomfortable symptoms that most of us would like to avoid. Taking prescription medication may be the fastest way problem to be solved but unfortunately it has many adverse side effects. Some herbs have proven to be more effective than medicines. Natural remedy is often the best choice as it does not have any side effects. Pharmacy medications often lead to addiction and cause other issues in connection with health.

If you are already taking a medicine to relieve anxiety, talk to your doctor about your desire to reduce the medication and switch to natural herbs.

Most herbs that can help you with anxiety have a sedative effect, so take precautions when you know you will need to be alert. Most of these herbs can be used as a tea, although stronger forms are available as supplements.

Essential oils, infusions, and tinctures are also available for herbal anxiety remedies and consulting with a naturopathic physician can help you to find the right strength of natural herbal remedy that will work best for your unique anxiety situation and symptoms.

In addition to working with herbal remedies for treating the symptoms of anxiety, look at what may be causing your anxiousness. Reduce situations where you can feel anxiety as well as avoid stress.Treating the symptom without treating the cause is like filling a bucket with a hole at the bottom. Meditate, exercise and be outdoors to reduce anxiety as effectively as some prescription medications.  There are so many alternative therapies that can contribute to healing process.

Beat Anxiety with Below Herbs! They are More Effective than Medications!


Chamomile is a flower that is frequently used as an herbal, non-caffeinated tea for help with falling asleep. Chamomile compounds can be also used to help relieve anxiety. Inhaling a spray containing the essential oils derived from chamomile can be used to relieve anxiety as well as general depression.


Most frequently used as aromatherapy, lavender has a calming effect for those suffering from symptoms of anxiety. This herbal remedy can be more effective than prescription medicine for reducing intense stress.


Lemon balm is also another herb that has been used for its calmative properties. Regular intake of lemon balm as a tea can be efficient treatment for anxiety and stress. It provides calmness and alertness.


The active compound found in green tea, l-theanine clearly has a pronounced effect on attention performance and reaction time response in normal healthy subjects prone to have high anxiety. For calmness and better performance drink at least few cups of green tea daily.


Kava works by increasing the brain chemical GABA, which helps communication between the brain and the body and reduces anxiety symptoms like rapid heart rate, perspiration and shakiness. All these are common symptoms during anxiety attack.


Valerian has proven to be effective in anxiety treatment. It has been used effectively as a sleep aid for centuries and its effectiveness for reducing anxiety is also widely known.


Although the herb passion flower sounds like something that would be a stimulant, it actually works to help you with anxiety. According to some studies passionflower was confirmed to be as effective as the drug oxazepam(Serax) for treating symptoms. The passionflower extract cannot work as quickly as the medicine, however, you will achieve positive results with this herbal remedy.

Often remedies can be found in the nature and not in drug stores. You just have to be informed of them and use them accordingly. Any natural remedy is better option than medical drugs. Better be patient is receiving the results then treating an addiction later.


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