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DOCTORS: Stop Feeding Your Kids Hot Dogs Immediately

You have certainly tasted at least one hot dog in your life – the popular fast food is almost unavoidable these days, with the hot dog vendors lurking around every corner of the streets.

However, have you ever wondered if this popular type of fast food is god for your health? Well, according to the recent studies, hot dogs are not only unhealthy, but they can cause many life-threatening ailments as well!


According to a study, those kids who eat more than 12 hot dogs a month are 9 times more prone to leukemia than the kids who don’t eat them.

Even worse, the pregnant women who eat hot dogs are more prone to give birth to a child that could possibly develop brain tumor. This shows how dangerous the hot dogs are!

What is the problem?

According to many experts, the main problem with the hot dogs is their high nitrate and nitrite content. These compounds are present in numerous types of processed foods like bacon, sausages, salami and of course, the hot dogs.

When exposed to high temperatures during their production, nitrites react with amines, which form nitrosamines, the dangerous cancer-causing compounds that might have serious consequences on your general health. These compounds can form in your digestive tract and might cause a lot of damage.


According to one recent study, nitrites were linked to esophageal and different types of digestive cancers. There is also evidence that these compounds could be related to thyroid and brain cancer, although some further research needs to be done on the matter.

The experts from the WHO (World Health Organization) declared the nitrites and the nitrates as probable carcinogens, and currently,the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard is considering listing nitrosamines as carcinogens. This is the reason why hot dogs need to stay out of your diet, and why you have to focus on healthy food instead.


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