A Priest Who Spent 20 Years Studying Aloe Vera Says That Cancer Can Be Cured! This is The Recipe!

Romano Zago is the priest from Brazil who managed to discover a natural cure for cancer. This amazing cure is the Aloe Vera plant.

In a period of 20 years Zago studied the Aloe Vera plant. First he studied in Brazil and then in Bethlehem where he moved and lives today. The priest came to an incredible discovery.

That is to say, while father Zago was on duty in the poor cities in Brazil, he noticed that many people use Aloe Vera plant as treatment of numerous different diseases and medical conditions. He was fascinated about the real potential of this plant and he decided thoroughly to study its properties. Zago claims that he had invented a completely natural cure for cancer and he described his entire discovery in his book “Cancer Can Be Cured”.

As father Zago explains, this wonderful remedy helped him treat prostate, breast, colon, brain, bone cancer as well as leukemia in thousands of patients.

Continue reading and find out how to prepare the remedy

In order to get the optimal results, father Zago suggests you to buy Aloe arborescent plant. In case you cannot find this plant, Aloe Vera is great replacement.

Cut 300 gr. of the leaves and carefully remove the thorns. Wash them thoroughly and put them in a blender along with 6 tablespoons of brandy or apple cider vinegar and 500 gr. of honey. Mix and transfer the potion in a glass jar and store it in the refrigerator.

In order to treat the cancer, take 1–2 tablespoons of this 100% natural remedy, 3 times daily before the main meals. For best results, father Zago suggests to take 3 teaspoons a day and over time, to gradually increase the dose. This mixture should be enough for about 10–12 days. After you drink this dose, take a 10-day break so as to recover from the low toxicity of Aloe Vera. Prepare another dose and continue to take this remedy until you notice positive results.

Note: this treatment is completely safe to use it along with chemotherapy.


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