Top 5 Warning Signs Of Kidney Damage You’re Ignoring

When the function of some of our body organs is somehow affected, you are definitely going to experience some symptoms. Do you know what will happen if the kidneys are unable to expel the toxins from our blood? Continue reading this article to learn about the most common symptoms of kidney damage.


Pain in the lower back

This is the most common symptom of kidney damage. The pain in the lower back may be present onlyon one side, but it can spread on both sides in a while. It could be more pronounced when you wake up or when you go to pee in the middle of the night. Of course, the pain in the lower back could be caused by injuries as well, but it is best to let a specialist determine the cause.

Rashes, itchy and dry skin

When the kidney function is impaired, toxins are going to accumulate in your blood and directly affect the condition of your skin. This might result in dry and itchy skin as well as rashes that will not go away with creams or lotions.

Urinary function changes

In case you notice any type of change in your urine it could be a sign of kidney damage.

Here are the changes that you might experience:

  • Foamy or bubbly urine;
  • Bloody urine;
  • Pale color of the urine;
  • Dark colored urine;
  • Frequent urge to urinate and difficulty while urinating.


The kidneys are the main filtration organ of the body, so if they’re not working at an optimal function it might result in fluid retention in the body. The excess fluids could cause swelling in the face, limbs, feet and ankles, so make sure to visit a doctor immediately when you notice this symptom.

Fatigue and weakness

The kidneys produce the hormone called erythropoietin that stimulates the new red blood cell production. Red blood cells distribute oxygen over the body, but if their numbers are reduced, less oxygen will get to your tissues which will make your feel tired constantly.

Main causes of kidney damage

Kidney damage most often is caused by heavy metals like cadmium, which pollutes the environment through the burning of coalandoil. Burning municipal waste is also going to result in release of cadmium in the air. The heavy metal is also present in phosphate fertilizers which can pollute produce, which will allow it to enter the body. Additionally, cadmium is also found in the cigarettes, so smokers inhale it every day.

How to improve your kidney function

The best way to keep your kidneys healthy is to follow a healthy lifestyle. Quitting smoking and reducing the alcohol intake is also very important, as the cigarettes contain high level of cadmium that harms your kidneys. You should also drink plenty of water in order to assist your kidneys in the elimination of toxins. Consuming cranberry juice every day is going to additionally boost your kidney function and help them deal with toxins better.


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